Jan 10, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; General view of the opening tipoff between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers at the Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


Chris Paul$20,068,563$21,468,695$22,868,827$24,268,959 (ETO)$88,675,044
Blake Griffin$17,674,613$18,907,725$20,140,838$21,373,950 (ETO)$78,097,126
DeAndre Jordan$11,440,123 $11,440,123
J.J. Redick$6,792,500$7,085,000$7,377,500$21,255,000
Jamal Crawford$5,450,000$5,675,000 (NON)$11,125,000
Spencer Hawes$5,305,000$5,543,725$5,782,450$6,021,175 (PO)$22,652,350
Matt Barnes$3,396,250$3,542,500 (NON)$6,938,750
Carlos Delfino $3,250,000$3,250,000(NON)
Jordan Farmar$2,077,000$2,170,462(PO)$4,247,465
Miroslav Raduljica$1,500,0001,567,500(NON)1,959,375(QO)
Glen Davis$1,310,286$1,310,286
Reggie Bullock$1,200,720$1,252,440 (T)$2,255,644 (T)$3,313,542 (QO)$4,708,804
C.J. Wilcox$1,109,760$1,159,680 $1,209,600 (T)$2,183,328 (T)$3,253,159 (QO)$5,662,368
  • P = Player Option (Player Options give the player the right to invoke the option. There can be only one option year.)
  • T = Team Option (Team Options give the team the right to invoke the option. There can be only one option year (except in the case of rookie scale contracts).
  • ETO = Early Termination Option (Player Early Termination Options (ETOs) give the player the right to terminate the contract early. An ETO can’t occur prior to the end of fourth season of the contract (which implies that the contract must be for five seasons). An ETO is not allowed in a veteran extension.)
  • NON = Non-Guaranteed (A non-guaranteed season can be similar in function to a team option. Teams often prefer the additional flexibility provided by non-guaranteed salary — the guarantee can change on a date of their choosing, they can guarantee partial amounts, and they can attach different conditions to the protection.)
  • QO = Qualifying Offer (The qualifying offer is a standing offer for a one-year guaranteed contract, which becomes a regular contact if the player decides to sign it.)

*Definitions via Larry Coon’s “CBA FAQ”
*Salaries via Sham Sports