Dec 11, 2013; Sacramento, CA, USA; Utah Jazz shooting guard Gordon Hayward (20) high fives point guard Trey Burke (3) as a timeout is called against the Sacramento Kings during the first quarter at Sleep Train Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

2014 NBA Mock Draft: Who should the Utah Jazz take at #5?

2014 NBA Mock Draft:
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NBA Mock Draft — At this moment, a core of Trey Burke, Gordon Hayward, and Derrick Favors is…. it’s not the best group a team could ask for, but it’s a nice building point for a team with a top-ten pick. With those three, the decision at five comes down to preference. Unless slippage happens, it’s hard seeing them land their hands on a tier one talent–Embiid, Wiggins, Exum, Parker–but if one of those players fall to this spot they’re as good as gone.

This leaves the second tier to be poached from and three players make the most sense here: Aaron Gordon, Noah Vonleh, and Julius Randle. Want to sure up the perimeter defensively, especially if Hayward is retained? Go Gordon. Want to add more low-post scoring, settling for the best player available in the process? Go Randle. Think Vonleh could sure up the center position as questions still remain about Enes Kanter’s overall talent? Go Vonleh.

Here is the collection of the latest mock drafts from around the NBA pertaining to the Utah Jazz and the number five overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.

NBA Draft Net – F Noah Vonleh (Indiana)

My NBA Draft – F Noah Vonleh (Indiana)

Basketball Insiders (Steven Kyler) – F Noah Vonleh (Indiana)

Draft Express (Jonathan Givony) – F Noah Vonleh (Indiana)

With the Jazz recently publicly acknowledging that the organization views Derrick Favors as more of a center than a power forward, it’s increasingly clear that the team will be looking strongly at the group of power forwards on the board here, in addition to the guard crop. Vonleh is viewed as having the potential to stretch NBA defenses eventually with his outside shooting ability, which is a major need of the team and one coveted by incoming head coach Quin Snyder.

Bright Side of the Sun – F Aaron Gordon (Arizona)

The Jazz really want Jabari Parker. I don’t see him getting past the Bucks, so the Jazz would have to give up a lot to move up. Like I’ve been heralding for months, the Jazz have Kanter, Favors, Hayward (presumably), and Burke all in the starting lineup for now and the future. Alec Burks is just fine as the perfect compliment off the bench, now they just need a small forward. Gordon is that man, and with two guards like Hayward and Burke who need the ball and two bigs who want post touches, Gordon is the perfect fit. He’s the best defender in the draft, and is going to need a while to figure out his offensive game. Luckily for him, the Jazz can afford to wait.

Yahoo! Sports (Marc J. Spears) – F Aaron Gordon (Arizona)

Gordon had an impressive workout with the Jazz last week. Boston would likely be disappointed if he is selected here.

Bleacher Report (Donald Wood) – F Julius Randle (Kentucky)

The departures of low-posts players like Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap have put plenty of pressure on Derrick Favors, and the Utah Jazz need a player who can alleviate some of the stress. Kentucky’s Julius Randle fits the mold to perfection.

CBS Sports (Matt Moore) – F Aaron Gordon (Arizona)

He gives them a lot of options for lineups if he becomes the defender he’s projected to be.

CBS Sports (Gary Parrish) – F Noah Vonleh (Indiana)

He was the rare bright spot for an all-over-the-place Indiana team. He basically averaged a double-double in 26 minutes per game, and his upside is too good for him to go much lower than this — especially considering the way he measured at the combine.

CBS Sports (Zach Harper) – F Julius Randle (Kentucky)

Julius Randle easily cemented his place in the top 5 of this draft with his tournament play. Sure, he wasn’t as great as you’d hope him to be in the final game, but his skill set, power, reach, and hustle make him a very promising player at the NBA 4. He’d give the Jazz a playmaker out of the post, which they currently don’t have. Putting him next to Derrick Favors could dominate the boards

ESPN Insiders (Jeff Goodman) – F Julius Randle (Kentucky)

The Jazz will likely decide between Randle and Noah Vonleh, but look for them to go with Randle because of his ability to bring a toughness and physical presence from the outset. Randle could coexist with guys such as Derrick Favors and/or Enes Kanter up front.

ESPN Insiders (Chad Ford) – G Dante Exum (Australia)

This might be a dream scenario for the Jazz. While Exum could go to the Bucks, Sixers or Magic (in fact, those are the only teams for whom he’s scheduled to workout), there is also a chance he slides. The Bucks and Sixers both have players higher than him on their boards (though workouts might change that) and the Magic are seriously looking at Vonleh at 4.

This is a no-brainer for the Jazz, even if he refuses to come workout. The team doesn’t really need another big. They need size at the PG position and Exum also can play off the ball with Trey Burke as well. The team could obviously take Marcus Smart here, but I’ve heard they aren’t as high on him as some other teams.

If Exum is gone, Vonleh probably has a small edge over Aaron Gordon and Julius Randle right now.

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  • tck62

    The only thing the Jazz should consider with this pick is packaging it with other assets to move up to draft Parker or Wiggins. Just how many young developmental players can a team have at the same time ? Right now they have Kanter, Hayward, Favors, Burks, Burke, Gobert, Evans and Clark if the Jazz keep all 3 of their picks this year they will have 11 roster spots committed to young players that all need minutes. Is it even possible to make this work ? Move some young assets to acquire Wiggins/Parker maybe even if it seems like a lot, for is a young asset riding the pine really of any value anyway ? Offer the Cav’s Kanter, #5, #23, a future top 3 protected #1 and the 2017 Warriors pick to have the choice of Wiggins or Parker. This leaves the Jazz with a starting 5 of Burks, Burke, Wiggins/Parker, Favors, Gobert, lots of cap and a really nice sign and trade bargaining chip in Hayward.

    • heatdust

      I agree with you with the exception of giving up Hayward. I think he will be one of the best wings in the league if the pressure to be the #1 scoring option is gone.

    • fastfox1306

      I completely agree with the “too much youth” argument. The jazz should keep Burke, Burks, Hayward and Favors as the core. I have flip-flopped on Kanter too many times to count, however at the moment I think trading him for an actual 7-foot center would help Favors (and our defense) immensely. But Kanter’s ability to bang down low and stretch the floor is so unique, that I hate to give up on him this early in his career.

      In terms of the draft, I am all for trading up to attain Wiggins, Embiid or Parker (in that order) as long as the cost is not too high. Though I think the jazz drafting Gordon at #5 and then trading #23 and #32 for a higher pick is also a good move. Having 3 rookies (maybe 4 rookies if Neto comes over) is too much on an already young team.

      The biggest concern for me is the Jazz are like the “pre-Paul/Griffin” clippers where they accumulate a collection of young, talented players who just don’t mesh well together. I am hoping Snyder can change this.

  • Steve

    I still say Randle at 5. I agree with Sir Charles. Randle is the only one who took his team deep in the tournament and is a double double machine. He shoots batter than given credit for and has a higher motor than any of the other guys except maybe Gordon a 42% free throw shooter. He is also a high character kid as well. His drive seems to be the closest to Malone or Jordan that I have seen.

    • heatdust

      Randle is Al Jefferson 2.0. If we wanted a guy who was strong in the post, and takes on double and triple teams, we should have just kept Big Al and saved ourselves the effort of player development.

      • Steve

        How many Kentucky games did you watch? Big AL? Really? Lol

        • heatdust

          Sorry, I gave Randle too much credit. At least Jefferson could hit a jump shot, and finish with both right and left hands.

          • Steve

            You obviously didn’t watch any UK games.

          • heatdust

            I am just saying he does not have a jump shot and that he can’t finish with his right hand consistently. Those are his big weaknesses which will need to be developed over a few years. I am not taking away the fact that I believe he will be a fantastic player in the NBA. He has great energy, and he is physically ready to make an immediate impact. I also see him as a better defender than Big Al, but we need someone who will be willing to pass the ball when he is triple-teamed. Randle just keeps going to the hole most of the time. The only advantage to having Randle over Jefferson at this point is the financial savings.