Best of Both Worlds: When NBA meets Pokemon

Excuse me, but I’m having a moment here.

It’s not often that two of my favorite things collide: one being the fabulous world of Pokemon and the NBA that I’m enthralled with. Based on the world’s standards, I’m considered a young adult. Yet, for some reason I can’t let the world of Pokemon go. It exists on my computer. The emulator is on my phone. Combining that with my favorite sports and you have the greatest collection of graphic designs around.

Created by a user by the name of ‘musclesmicah’, he combined NBA teams with the ideas pertaining to Pokemon. Here are some of the favorites.

Obviously, with this being a Los Angeles Clippers site, we’ll start with them. Moving away from Los Angeles, the club has found themselves in Cerulean City. Oddly enough, in my years of playing Pokemon I’ve never come across a Cloyster or it’s pre-evolved form in Shellder in the city. But this is impressive nonetheless.

There is no doubt in my mind that when Dwight Howard runs into suspecting members of teams he used to be a member of he hits them with a speech Team Rocket style.  If I was forced to match up the members, Dwight would be James, Chandler Parsons was be Jessie, James Harden Meowth and Daryl Morey is Giovanni.

Anything involving one of the three original starters (Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander) is genius. This combines the Golden State Warriors with the second for of Squirtle creating the Golden State Wartortles. Fitting name considering the Warriors are host of the splash brothers. Maybe Stephen Curry is Squirtle and Klay Thompson is Totodile.

Get it? Miami Heat. Flareon is a fire Pokemon. Of course you do. Maybe the Heat are still in Eevee form and will need the usage of a Fire Stone come playoff time if they want to three-peat as NBA champions. It’s not easy evolving Pokemon by the way of stone (ex: Ash Ketchum + Pikachu), but if it means winning it all I’m sure Erik Spoelstra, Pat Riley and Mikey Arison won’t mind.

If any team deserves a legendary Pokemon as the logo, the Atlanta Hawks do. Fittingly enough, Zapdos just happens to be a flying Pokemon, so this fits the bird thing going on with some of Atlanta’s team. Between Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos, Zapdos has always been the coolest. He’s electric, super fast and can do thunder. So basically, he’s Dennis Schroeder.

To review the other 25 combinations, head over to MusclesMicah’s Imgur page to catch ‘em all here.

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