P.J. Tucker Ejected for Punching Blake Griffin in Face

Breaking news: Blake Griffin has gotten into an altercation with a player, one he didn’t cause himself.

This time it was P.J. Tucker of the Phoenix Suns. After the two fought for position in the post, a collapse cause Griffin and Tucker to get tangled on the floor. Amid the on-the-floor tussle, Tucker took matter into his own hands and threw a punch at Griffin’s face which caused Griffin to shove back at Tucker. Here is a video of the altercation via:

There is nothing uncommon about Griffin getting into it with other players. We’ve seen the numerous altercations between he and Zach Randolph. The Golden State Warriors do their best to get under his skin, notably the scenario with Draymond Green and Andrew Bogut that got him ejected on Christmas Day. It’s unclear why players take shots at Griffin, rather it be his floppy style of play, instant commercial success with little to boast about on his resume upon entering the league, or just pure animosity for his style, but seeing what happened between he and Tucker isn’t shocking.

The shocking part was Griffin’s retaliation shove. Many have spoken on Blake’s “need” to “fight back” on the court. He hadn’t done anything of that nature, but tonight proved he has something in him, a something that’s only shown when he’s responding to an attack.

For P.J. Tucker he’ll likely face the same penalty that O.J. Mayo and Demarcus Cousin received for striking a player mid-game, a one-game suspension.


Here is video of the Tucker-Griffin altercation courtesy of Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk:

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  • Aaron Graves

    That’ll keep BG from tackling PJ next game. Or at least make him think before he does it again…

  • Alfredo Rodriguez

    The reason for other teams trying to provoke Blake Griffin is simple: it’s the only way to win a game against the Clippers. Ever since Chauncey Billups exposed Griffin for being too much of a nice guy, other teams took it as the Clipper’s Achilles heel. All they have to do is provoke him to the point where he loses his focus, and hopefully does something that gets himself ejected from the game. It worked for the Warriors on Christmas, resulting in an automatic win (along with the Clippers contemplating on trading him for Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett). Mark Jackson noticed this after Draymond Green was ejected, and promptly made the move to rig the game to ensure an unholy victory.

    There’s a possibility that the Suns might have pulled it off. When you watch the fight again, look to the left of the screen, and you will notice Blake Griffin throwing an inadvertent elbow to a Suns player’s chin. The refs did not take that act into account. However, the league reviews everything, and if the refs intentionally missed it so that Blake Griffin could help seal the win, they might charge a technical foul, a fine, and/or a suspension against him to “even the score”.

    When opponents come to face the Clippers, the mindset will be “Clippers rig games to steal wins.” Now they’re using the Clipper’s presumed proverbial weapon against them in a way that is starting to feel very criminal. And they won’t stop until they expose the Clippers for what they believe the team truly is: pretenders.