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Paul Joins Kaiser Permanente To Promote A Healthy Living

Healthcare in America has been the forefront of news as Barack Obama’s health care act was the main reason for the government shutdown. During the shutdown we learned that a lot of American’s were unfamiliar with the Affordable Care Act and lacked health insurance all together.

Los Angeles Clippers star Chris Paul has joined up with Kaiser Permanente along with Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry to launch #OWNNOW, a new partnership encouraging young adults to live healthy and active lives and to protect their health by securing the right health coverage.

While Chris Paul isn’t a health pundit by any means, he realizes there’s an impact to be made using experience to stand up for a cause.

“We’re not health experts, but we do know that people of all ages have to take care of their health. We’ve seen firsthand what injuries can do on the court and we all know that accidents and illnesses can happen to people at any time. Seizing the moment and living a full life is made easier when you take care of your health.”

It’s evident in the NBA that all players aren’t serious about their fitness. Paul learned that firsthand playing with Lamar Odom last season as the veteran had to work his way into shape throughout the season instead being in shape prior to.

But the goal at hand is bigger than players coming into the season out of shape. Helping people of all ages come to gripes with fitness and health insurance reigns supreme.

“Whether in sports or in many of life’s endeavors, staying healthy and being prepared will lead to positive outcomes. Those were the words of Kaiser Permanente executive vice president Gregory A. Adams. “By teaming up with Chris and Stephen, we hope to help promote a better understanding of health care reform and what getting the right coverage can mean in the journey toward health for young people and their families.”

Twenty-seven percent of the young adult population (ages 19 to 24) is uninsured, yet young Americans are least familiar with the new options in the Affordable Care Act.

According to a Gallup Poll leading up to the opening of new health insurance exchanges, more than 36 percent of young adults say they are “not too” or “not at all” familiar with the new health law, compared with 28 percent of Americans ages 35 to 54, and 26 percent of those ages 55 and older.

In partnership with the athletes, Kaiser Permanente will participate in the health care conversation with young consumers. The “Own Now” platform will include activities to inspire young adults to examine how they can get the most out of now (#OwnNow), live healthier lives and get covered. As Total Health Ambassadors, the athletes will engage with young adults via social media, community events and in other popular venues.

By way of adding Chris Paul and Stephen Curry to the #OWNNOW campaign, Bernard Tyson, CEO of Kaiser Permanente, realizes the effect the two superstars can have on the campaign.

“Young adults have the power to take ownership of their lives now—and a critical first step is to take care of their health. We are thrilled to partner with two respected and popular athletes to spread the word about the importance of striving for and maintaining good health.”

For more information on Kaiser Permanente and the #OWNNOW program visit Kaisers’ home page.

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