Clippers Drape Posters over Lakers Championship Banners


The Los Angeles Clippers have done some redecorating just in time for Halloween at Staples Center.  You know those 16 big Purple & Gold championship banners up in the rafters? They have been draped over by huge Clipper posters of Jamal Crawford, Blake Griffin, J.J. Redick, DeAndre Jordan, Jared Dudley, Chris Paul, and Matt Barnes. The Los Angeles Sparks and Los Angeles Kings banners and retired numbers have also been draped over.

All of this is being reported as the Los Angeles Dodgers are being humiliated in St. Louis 5-0 behind a horrific performance by Clayton Kershaw.

The Clippers are the best sports team still playing in Los Angeles, but I certainly hope they aren’t trying to disrespect the Lakers because they have 16 Rings and the Clippers have zero. I have gone to hundreds of games at Staples Center and always hated seeing the banners in my line of sight, as it is rather disturbing, but understanding basketball and the Lakers prestige history made it an after-thought most of the time.

Lakers fans are going to get loud about this, it could get ugly so keep an eye out.

Here are a couple tweets about the situation good, bad, or indifferent:

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