Apr 7, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul (3) breaks up a scuffle between center Ryan Hollins (15) and Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard (12) in the second half of the game at the Staples Center. Clippers won 109-95. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Report: Paul and Howard Looking to Be Teammates


Dear 2013, 2011 wants it’s story back.

ESPN LA reports Chris Paul and Dwight Howard have sparked up the conversation on becoming teammates again:

Paul and Howard will be the biggest free agents on the market this summer, and their desire is to play together, the sources said.

“They would love to play together if somebody can make it happen,” one of the sources said.

The Atlanta Hawks could make it happen. Atlanta, which is Howard’s hometown, has the cap room to sign both players to maximum-salaried contracts.

Howard is not particularly fond of the idea of returning to Atlanta, but he would do so to team up with Paul, the sources said. But Paul, despite recently being upset with the Clippers over the perception that he got coach Vinny Del Negro fired, is unlikely to leave Los Angeles, one source said. He has gotten over his anger with the club and likes living in Los Angeles.

“It would be very tough for him to go to Atlanta,” the source said. “He loved Atlanta when they should have drafted him in ’05 but not so much since then. But hey, everybody is an option at this point.”

Back in 2010, these two wanted to team up. It became a problem when neither Paul or Howard wanted to play on the others former team. Now unrestricted free agents, the two have options. Between the two Los Angeles teams, the most likely place for the two to team up would be on the Los Angeles Clippers, but even that’s unlikely. Does anyone think the Los Angeles Lakers would sign-and-trade Howard to their inner-city rival? Sure Blake Griffin, Eric Bledsoe and the 25th overall pick is a nice haul for Howard and they probably don’t get a better package from elsewhere, but is it worth it to be the second best team in Los Angeles?

As mentioned above, Atlanta has the cap space to give both the money they deserve and it comes along with a third wheel in Al Horford. The Dallas Mavericks have been mentioned as a place the two could meet up joining Dirk Nowitzki.

All situations would propel the team to championship contender status if the two decided to pair up. It’s only a matter of getting together that’s holding the two back.

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  • Clippersfan4471

    Ok. I haven’t done the Math to the nth degree but could this possible work?? Clippers trade away Jordan and Butler for nothing more than draft picks. That is don’t get any salary in return and drop $18m off the books. We can then offer DH12 a max/near max contract and then try and get CP3 to sign for about $95-100m instead of the $108 we could offer him. We then use the “savings” to pick up some vets on minimums plus use the mid level exception to get another 2 guard (OJ Mayo?). Would Dwight and CP3 be willing to play for a litte less than max if they get to play together in LA???? Please add your thoughts.

    • Trisity Miller

      You’ll be hard pressed to find a team that’d take Butler/Jordan without getting some type of salary back. Especially Jordan’s $10+ million.

      As far as Dwight and CP3 taking less, I don’t think it happens. Lots of people cite Miami’s Big 3 taking less to play with each other, but that’s rare. If they stayed in LAC, Dwight would be giving up almost $30M. Atlanta/Dallas is the only place where the get the max.

      • ClipShip

        I agree. The only way Dwight comes to the Clippers is if the Lakers do a sign and trade. And I think the Lakers would not do a sign and trade with the Clippers unless Blake Griffin is involved. The Lakers need a superstar who will defer to Kobe. I actually think Dwight for Blake/Bledsoe would be a good trade for both teams, which means it won’t happen.

        Clips get the best center in the NBA, great rebounder and defender. Very potent combination with CP3, and hopefully add KG and Paul Pierce to that.

        Lakers get Blake Griffin who is a legitimate superstar. A young athlete who sells tickets and is still improving, and will gladly defer to Kobe as the leader of the team. And the Lakers also get an outstanding, young, athletic point guard, which has been one of their greatest needs for YEARS.

        It almost makes too much sense.

  • Clippersfan4471

    And here’s another option. Trade DJ and EB to boston for Garnett and Doc Rivers. Limits our timeline for winning a title but also moves it up to next year?

    • ClipShip

      DJ and EB is too much to give up for Doc and Garnett. Doc is a good coach, but there are other good coaches out there such as Lionel Hollins, Brian Shaw and Byron Scott. Garnett is 37 years old and MAYBE has one year left in him (assuming he stays healthy).

      I think DJ for Garnett (and the right to take over Doc’s $7 million per year contract) straight up is a fair trade. Maybe throw in one draft pick to help Danny Ainge save face. Anything more is too much to give up for a 37-year old broken down big man.

  • ClipShip

    I think Ainge calls back and makes the deal. Sends KG and Doc to the Clips in exchange for DJ and ONE (not two) first round pick. Then the Clips find a way to get Paul Pierce after July 1. If Ainge doesn’t get this deal done, then he’s an idiot. He will lose Doc, KG and Pierce and get nothing in return.

    Then the question is whether the Clips are willing to offer Blake and Bledsoe to the Lakers for a sign and trade with Dwight. That would be the real mega-deal. I’d make that deal, even though I LOVE Blake both as a player and entertainer.