Source: Garnett Turned Down Trade "Overture" From Paul

Chris Paul contacted Kevin Garnett prior to the trade deadline to gauge his interest in joining the Los Angeles Clippers.

According to a source, Paul called Garnett and said that he if was open to joining the Clippers, then Paul would make it happen.

Garnett declined to waive his no-trade clause to go to the Clippers.

The Celtics and Clippers reportedly discussed a deal that would have sent Garnett to Los Angeles for Eric Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan.

Via Mark Murphy/Boston Herald

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  • $43517978

    Wow. Normally I would say its a big mistake for a team to let one of its players make all the personnel decisions. But with the Clippers’ history, there’s probably worse things than letting CP3 run the show.

    In this case, its probably a good thing CP3 wasn’t able to persuade KG. This deal probably wouldn’t have put the Clippers over the top, and they would have dumped their only two tradeable assets for an old man who may or may not retire after this season.

  • Ian Denchasy

    This deal was probably nothing more than rumor and I’d like to know the sources for all this stuff. There was also a rumor that Caron Butler was going to Washington for Trevor Ariza.