Vinny Del Negro brought his blandness to ESPN radio. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Vinny Del Negro Shares His Views On The Los Angeles Clippers

If there is anything I wish the Los Angeles Clippers would change about the franchise, it would be to replace Vinny Del Negro as the team’s coach.

I just wanted to share my opinion about the man if readers haven’t read it yet on other posts. I seen what he did, or didn’t do, with the talent he was provided in Chicago and honestly don’t think he can/will push the Clippers to the lengths they have the possibility of going.

Unfortunately, I feel the Clips are in one of those tough positions where they can’t afford a better coach and would only bring in a lesser coach or a same level guy if LA did replace him. Del Negro is in the bottom-half of the mid-level guys; there are plenty of them looking for an NBA coaching job.

But, Del Negro has made some relationships and has been the only coach Blake Griffin has ever had. Really, no reason to mess up a mediocre situation if it’s going to stay at the same level or digress.

For him, he’d be crazy to want to leave, which he doesn’t since he’s vying for a contract extension. The Clippers have two of the top 10 most known faces in the basketball world in Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, and have a list of productive role players surrounding them. I have said countless times–the Clippers have the deepest team in the league after adding Grant Hill, Lamar Odom and Jamal Crawford.

With that said, I think it’s safe to say, Del Negro will control the reigns for the foreseeable future.

Del Negro was on ESPN 1100 in Las Vegas to discuss the team and what he thinks its ceiling truly is before the Clippers kicked off the preseason against the Denver Nuggets in Vegas Saturday.

The interview was rather boring–mid-level–but he said the right things.

This is what he said about the veteran additions integrating with last season’s young nucleus:

“No question. I think we have some great character guys, a lot of experience now and I think a good balance on our roster, our young guys are developing so I’m excited. We’ve got a nice balance in terms of some younger guys in their prime and some veteran guys and some depth now. On paper it looks good but we still have to come together as a team and that’s going to take some time to build our chemistry and we still have some injuries right now. Guys are out a little bit but hopefully they will be back soon.”

What else was he suppose to say? If Hill or Odom can’t play anymore, of course it isn’t going to work out because the team spent money on players who didn’t perform. If they can play, of course it is going a good situation because these guys are proven veterans who have the ability to guide younger players to the next level.

Blake Griffin is showing more emotion here than Vinny Del Negro showed all last season. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

I’m not going to copy and paste all of his answers (the link is above on discuss…) but I wanted to put one for an example of the Del Negro way.

This doesn’t get anyone pumped. This doesn’t get anyone interested in the team. This doesn’t give any insight.

Everything Del Negro does, is done this way–boring, bland, what you’re supposed to say as a head coach.

The coaches who win give interviews people like me, who listen to almost 10 podcasts a day, something I want to hear or something I haven’t heard before. I’m not asking for a game plan, I’m asking for the guy who is leading the team I follow to make me want to care about the team more than I already do.

Anyone can come up with a ho-hum interview.

I would rather listen to the New England Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick give one of his one word answers. At least I know he isn’t force feeding me the same lines every media outlet in the country is. I’ve already written the same thing Del Negro said about the depth at least five or six times.

I’m glad he likes to be in LA. I’m glad Del Negro is behind Chris Paul and Blake Griffin 100%. I’m glad he understands the Clippers might have something special.

But special doesn’t happen without some sort of electricity and the team–the players–feed off the coach and the environment for electricity. If this is the case with the Clippers, we’re in trouble.


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