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Ronny Turiaf partying it up with Chris Bosh and the rest of the 2012 NBA Champions, the Miami Heat. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Who would be the coolest Los Angeles Clipper to hang out with?

Every team in the NBA has a different blend of personalities and the Los Angeles Clippers definitely hold true to the statement.

I’ve never met any of these players, but after listening to interviews, watching them in games, post conferences and interviews — one can hypothetically figure out a personality.

Chris Paul can be feisty, but laid back. Griffin has a comedic vibe. Lamar Odom seems to be serious now a days, but was fun and intense in his first stint as a Clipper to start his career.

Grant Hill is serious when need be, although, he will drop a one-liner to make a room laugh (seen him do it a few times on a NBATV special about the 1991 and 1992 Duke Teams). Chauncey Billups seems to be laid back and so does Caron Butler.

Out of all of these high class individuals who would probably be a lot of fun to kick it with for a day, I’d have to go with an outsider no one can really read — 2012 NBA Champion Ronny Turiaf.

Yeah, I know, why would I want to kick it with a guy like Turiaf when Paul, Griffin, Hill and Odom are options? To me, it’s simple. You can only have a few drinks with someone or do a few activities before things get boring without a conversation.

When it comes to the stars, tell me something I can’t simply Google and retort an answer in a matter of minutes. It’s almost impossible.

On the other hand, Turiaf is an unknown territory. He could be one of the coolest people anyone has ever met. Who knows what he does for hobbies or in free time when he is alone or with family. Does he play Madden? Does he play NBA2k? Does he even play video games?

If he does party, what kind of partier is he? Does he rage or does he have a few and casually drink.

How competitive is he? If we went to the bowling alley or golfing range, would he become mad because I could possibly beat him?

These are all simple questions, but things no one seems to know. Cause let’s face it, who is interested in a tall, solid brick of a man who has a long beard and doesn’t do much besides rebound. For the most part no one, but I’d take a crack at solving the case.

Do you remember the kid in high school who never said much. He didn’t seem to have a style, a personality or anything to offer to a friendship or conversation. Then when you meet him, he becomes one of those people who want to hang out with the most because he is unique and not like the rest.

This seems to be Turiaf.

Plus, the guy is from France, so he has to be multi-cultured. He might not be the teaching type when it comes to teaching his native language, but I’m sure he could share some things happening in France that will never be associated with the U.S.A. Who knows?

“Who knows” is exactly what I’d want to know.

Which Los Angeles Clipper would YOU want to hang out with?



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