Jun 12, 2012; Oklahoma City, OK, USA; Oklahoma City Thunder small forward Kevin Durant during the post game press conference after game one in the 2012 NBA Finals at Chesapeake Energy Arena. The Thunder beat the Miami Heat 105-94. Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-US PRESSWIRE

Kevin Durant Has Made the Leap

Kevin Durant was quite a sight to behold as a rookie. A creature basically designed to score the basketball effortlessly, but he couldn’t bench press the minimum weight at the combine. Durant has since packed on a few pounds, and developed his offensive game to the point that it is hard to see what he could do better. When he gets inside the 3-point line, he can raise up and shoot it over anybody(as Dwyane Wade found out 2 nights ago), or take 2 steps and make a lay-up or dunk. He is also a pretty good 3-point shooter, doesn’t miss from the foul line, and has learned to be effective both on and off-ball.

He has been described. Dirk Nowitzki had some kind words for Durant recently.

“KD,” Nowitzki says, “is way ahead of my curve.”

“He’s arguably the best player in the league right now,” Nowitzki told ESPN.com over the weekend. “I see a guy that really has no holes.”

Nowitzki then further stated the case for the sweet shooting small forward.
“He’s a 6-10 guy with a 7-4 wingspan who can shoot it from the parking lot. He’s posting up now. In transition he’s so long that, when he gets a pass from the 3-point line, it’s a layup or dunk with one step. He’s got the one- or two-dribble pull-up, which you need to be a great scorer, because you can’t just shoot 3s or go to the basket if you want to be a great scorer, ’cause sometimes you can’t get all the way to the bucket. He can go both ways, one or two dribbles and up.
Other NBA players have been chiming in on Durant’s uniqueness as well.

Stephen Jackson said about Durant: “Imagine Dirk with Blake Griffin’s athleticism.”

Kobe was recently asked what Durant’s ceiling was and he responded: “A 6’11” me.”

The thought of Dirk with Griffin’s athleticism or a 6’11” Kobe is terrfying enough as it is, but the one area Durant seems to have on LeBron in the “best-player-alive” race is his 4th quarter closing ability.

To top off everything he brings to the table “he’s clutch, too.” Nowitzki said. “He’s hit big shot after big shot all season long. He made three game winners on us this year. I thought he’s always been clutch, but now it’s almost like you know he’s going to make them. He’s phenomenal.”

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