Different Game, Same Story; Clippers lose 94-85

When did the Clippers last run an effective offensive play? Out of a timeout is usually when coaches show why they deserve to retain their current positions within a successful franchise. Maybe the Clippers cannot be considered a successful franchise just yet. But they possess the talent on their squad. Why do you think ESPN’s Chris Broussard is stupid enough to chose them to represent the West in the NBA Finals? Because he has no idea that a coach actually matters. The Clippers are surviving on talent. Mo Williams off the bench. Chris Paul, Blake Griffin as their stars in the starting five. Caron Butler was supposed to be their third option, however, as of late he has been rendered ineffective. Without direction, offensive sets to free their talented players to flaunt their assets, this team will continue to play street ball and continue to lose games down the stretch.

When will Vinny Del Negro learn that his job is on the line? When will Clippers management decide that  riding out the remainder of the season will crush this team? When will Larry Brown decide that he needs to return to the head coaching helm and actually coach this multifaceted squad to a potential championship? I sure hope and believe it should be next season. The Clippers have enough talent to make the postseason this year, however they will be a quick out because of their lack of execution. They have been figured out and Vinny has yet to make the necessary adjustments needed for a contender to continue to compete.

Leading by 9 at the break, playing great defense to hold the Celtics to only 39 points, the Clippers entered the second half making absolutely no adjustments. You are playing the best defensive team in the league. You know Doc Rivers is telling his team the X’s and O’s. What happens in the Clippers locker room at the half? Chilling? Laughing? If you cannot command the attention of your squad you do not deserve to coach them. When you defer to your players you are not doing your job. When you pretend to draw up plays on your white board, you’re not doing your job.

Caron Butler continued his shooting woes shooting 3-13 on the night. Chris Paul didn’t show up the entire night. And that was it. The loss of Chauncey Billups will continue to dominate the storyline, however, his presence was not the difference. They began the season with a spaced out schedule, allowing for rest, practice time and a chance to become familiar with each other. Now that they have limited practice time, the Clippers have no in-game coaching. No in-game adjustments. And that allows for every team to defend the simple Clippers offense. Their home court advantage has essentially disappeared. And that is not good news as they have 3 games in the next 4 days. Beginning their home trip 0-2 speaks volumes on their coaching staff. Neil Olshey, you have done a tremendous job putting this team together this offseason, it is time to inject something into the coaching staff – tell them that their contracts are not guaranteed unless they devise some sort of offensive game plan that doesn’t not involve dribbling at the top of the key until the shot clock reads 5 and a desperation heave becomes their play. The funny thing is that the Clippers went 18-21 from the free throw line tonight, however, they shot 37% from the field – due to ineffective offensive sets, not due to the roster.

I’ve said it before, and I will continue to say it: If the Clippers do not begin to run offensive sets that speak to the talent they have on the roster, they will crumble and stumble to the finish line. They may be lucky to secure a 7th or 8th seed in the West the way they currently execute on both ends of the floor. FIRE VINNY. HIRE LARRY BROWN. You will see drastic improvement in the teams’ play on both ends of the court. I’m done. Clippers are shooting themselves in the foot. Over and over and over and over and over………

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