Clipper Nation: I Must Do Better

March 1st. That was the date of “Clippers Vs Kings”. Since then, star guard Eric Gordon returned, Fauxhawked it up for about half (nah, he was EXCEPTIONAL in the Clips 106-103 win over the Houston Rockets) , reinjured his wrist, and watched as rookie Eric Bledsoe went hand-fed, milk raised Blackforest H.A.M. on the Denver Nuggets, channeling his inner Isaiah Thomas AND David Robinson in the 4th quarter of the CLips victory over the Denver Nuggets (if you didn’t see this bogus foul call/awesome block, it was even MORE impressive in person).

But to my loyal Fully Clip readers (all 4 of them…Mom, you DO still read it, right?), you’d never have known all of this. Why? Because I let you down. Forget me looking for a new spot, or looking to upgrade my J-O, or having coming down with a heinous case of “Writer’s Block”. None of that matters. To nab a line from the venerable LBJ, I’m telling Clipper Nation I’m not gonna continue failing you guys late in the season. I put alot of blame on myself.

A Charlotte Bobcats/LA Clippers preview is on deck, and I vow to keep Clips Nation on the cutting edge of our squad. This week we’ll be looking at Mo Williams impact, and the rise of Bledsoe. #CLIPNATION OVER EVERYTHING.

  • fullyloadedclips

    first of all, you have five readers, and yes, you have been missed. But this is a good news comment, the Clips beat charlotte in convincing (as convincing as the Clips are on the road) fashion. We’ve got a soft schedule (minus Boston) coming up and Bledsoe seems to be coming into his own. I know, I know it’s been like two games.
    Secondly, what’s your take on Aminu? A lot of people want him in the D league, but he shows flashes of brilliance in between awkwardness…what gives?
    Lastly Mo Williams appears to be a golden calf, don’t buy into him.
    Good to see you’re back.

  • Hunstville Web Design

    ever since Blake Griffin started playing on the Clippers I started to support this team, Good luck guys! Go Griffin!