They Scared!

A video like this has to rile up all the Clippers fans around the world.  (And yes there are Clippers fans around the world for those wondering.  If you ever been to a Clippers board, you’d find fans from Paris to Australia.)

This video by these so called “reporters” is nothing but a sign of fear.  Everyone knows Lakers are on the decline.  Kobe is getting old and his body is slowly going through deterioration.   Pau Gasol has been proven to be soft as yogurt.  Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom arn’t superstars.  Lakers are on the decline.  So all these Lakers homers, they’re scared.  They finally see a superstar on Kobe’s level right across the hall and they want him bad.  These Lakers fans think they deserve everything handed to them.

“Blake Griffin wants to be a Laker.”

Yeah, keep saying that while having Derek Fisher slap him dirty and Odom whining about “playing too hard.”

“Historical Precedent.”

With that argument, that would mean every player in the NBA wants to go to either the Lakers or Celtics just because of all those titles they won.  I didn’t see anyone going to the Celtics when Paul Pierce was the only player carrying them.  Danny Ainge was the one who manufactured this destructive Celtics team, not free agents.  Free agents only came when the Big 3 came.

I didn’t see any players joining the Lakers during the Smush Parker and Kwame Brown era.  Why not?  Oh yeah, cause Lakers sucked back then.

Wouldn’t Michael Jordan have left the Bulls and joined the Lakers then since the Bulls never won a title before him and Lakers were still going strong with Magic Johnson?

Wouldn’t Tim Duncan have left the Spurs?

Karl Malone and John Stockton stuck by each other for almost two decades, and Jazz never won anything.

Why didn’t Lebron just go to the Lakers for the mid level exception if the Lakers are such a “coveted” team.

“Donald Sterling has never retained his players?”

When did Donald Sterling or 90% of the league’s current owners ever had a talent like Blake Griffin?  Who would be stupid enough to turn down a player like Blake Griffin?

This is a new era in Clippers basketball that has never been touched on before.  And all the Lakers homers are scared, trying to come off as “intelligent” reporters that knows what the hell they’re talking about even though their only argument is “history.”

Every history has a starting point, and Blake Griffin is starting the Clippers history.

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