Small Forwards That I Want Pt. 2 - Omri Casspi

Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE

After reading this article yesterday, I wanted to do another edition of small forwards that I want for the Los Angeles Clippers.  Omri Casspi of the Sacramento Kings and also the first Israeli born player has been inquired by the team and reports says that Kings are willing to part ways with Casspi if another team is willing to take on one of their big contracts.  These other contracts most likely being Beno Udrih or Francisco Garcia.

I would love to have Omri Casspi on the Los Angeles Clippers.  He represents the kind of small forward that the team wants.  He’s a scorer who can shoot the three (40% 3 point shooter) and has enough length (6’9) to give opposing small forwards trouble.  Casspi doesn’t get much rebounds only averaging 4 a game but with Blake Griffin and DJ grabbing most of the boards, 5 rebounds a game looks decent.  Casspi is also young at 22 years old and will fit right in with the youth movement the Clippers have going on.

I wouldn’t mind taking Francisco Garcia for Omri Casspi too.  Garcia is a shooting guard who would be a more competent backup to Eric Gordon than Randy Foye and Rasual Butler.  He has also been in the league for a good while and can help out as a steady veteran for the young team.  The only negative I can see is that the contract is pretty bloated and really not worth a backup shooting guard.  But getting Casspi to be part of the young core would be worth it in my eyes.

I don’t really know what the Clippers would have to give up for Casspi.  The only players I want to part with is Gomes, Foye, and Butler.  But because all those players don’t have much value, the trade would be really lopsided.  I would part away with a first round pick though.  That Minnesota pick keeps looking less attractive as Kevin Love and Michael Beasley keeps playing well.  If the GM can get Omri Casspi without giving up important assets than Neil Olshey would be considered the best GM in Clippers history.

  • Manny

    More than anything, Sac wants to dump salary. We have some capspace, so a Warren and Expiring Butler works out perfect for Garcia and Casspi. I wouldn’t trade a first rounder, especially not the Minnys pick. Minny is looking better but you think there will actually 5 teams worse than them by next season, if there even is a next season. That pick is Gold!

  • Manny

    Has there been any talk about acquiring Casspi (or any other player) since the original rumor? I was kinda excited about Casspi cause that’s the kind of trade I want the Clips to make, acquire young talent without giving up an important piece of the current roster.

  • Manny

    No response? Is it cause I owe you a cookie?

    • petervan

      haha, no not that, I’ve been out of town for the last couple days. But no, I don’t think there have been any other news about Casspi. Articles mentioned that Clippers have asked about him but as of right now, I don’t think any action would be taken by the FO right now.

  • Impressed

    Im new to this blog community, and got here because of the impressive showing of the team, not just about Griffin!
    My dream forward for this team?


    He would be PERFECT.

    D. Jordan / Kaman
    B. Griffin / Aminu
    C. Anthony / Gomes
    E. Gordon / Foye
    B. Davis / Bledsoe

    Too fantastic and improbable? I know. But if ‘Melo is a free agent, the East too loaded as it is, staying in the West and joining one of the youngest, most exciting team around, would give this team the BEST chance to win a championship, maybe more!

    Wish it could happen…Naah.

  • Manny

    I think Melo would be perfect on this team. He is a scorer that can hit the outside shot. He would be perfect especially when this team goes on it’s 3rd quarter droughts. The problem is I wouldn’t wanna give up what Denver is asking for him, I wouldn’t wanna give up half of what Denver is asking for him. We have a great situation with a young stud at each of the 5 positions and if they can grow together, it would be something special. As for signing him as a free agent, we wouldve had a great chance if Foye and Gomes were one year contracts and DJ wasn’t due for a huge pay raise, but as it stands now, won’t happen.

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