To Trade Baron Davis Or Not

After this really good article by Fanhouse on Baron Davis, the great debate among Clippers nation now is whether or not to trade our starting point guard.  I’ve always sat on the fence about Baron Davis, unable to decide whether or not I like him or not.  So to make things easier, let’s make bullet points!


  • Veteran Leadership
  • One of the best passers in the league
  • Can score
  • Former all-star
  • Floor general
  • Highlight reel with Blake Griffin
  • Probably the most clutch player we have on the team at the moment
  • Local player


  • Chucks up too many bad shots
  • Injury prone
  • Does not play well when not in the mood
  • Selfish play sometimes and tries to be the star
  • Huge contract
  • Not that athletic and still needs more conditioning
  • Old
  • Can not defend against the faster and speedier point guards in the league
  • Chucks up too many bad shots
  • Chucks up too many bad shots

So the beard has positives and negatives.  I would love to see more Blake Griffin highlights and Baron Davis so far is the best at producing them.  But his tendency to chuck up bad shots really makes him not that likable.

I would say for right now, keep the former UCLA star.  He can still play and be a good third option on the team.  And he is the best at making plays on the team.  He even got a Jarron Collins dunk, those are like once in a blue moon.  The team does not need a huge makeover, just more growth.  I just hope he stops shooting those threes.

  • catalyst

    baron davis is no where near the “most clutch” player on this team. see eric gordon…

    • petervan

      from my count, Eric Gordon has turned the ball over more times in crucial moments of games than won. Sure he can score at the end when we need it but once he can do it more consistently with less turnovers, than I’ll be more comfortable calling him our closer.