Clippers 1-12

One win, twelve losses.  Eight game losing streak that could potentially get bigger.  The Clippers currently have the worse record in the league but unlike the last several seasons, there are many bright spots in this dark abyss of failure.  Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon has taken over the team and are now the undisputed leaders.  Eric Bledsoe looks like the biggest steal of the draft and Aminu is proving his doubters wrong by actually having a shot.

Every loss takes a beating but if you watch the way they’re playing, you can see bright spots.  There are also a lot to criticize each game but this team is far from perfect.  I believe in developing the young guys.  I also believe in pointing out whats wrong.  Like this team’s perimeter defense.  The Clippers should not be allowing the other team to shoot a high percentage from outside the arc.  The team is also letting guys open a lot.  This is mainly a coach problem.

Vinny Del Negro has been disappointing so far as a coach.  I’m not a fan of the rotations or the sets.  He has nice hair though but that is besides the point.  One can see he is clearly frustrated, especially if you know how to read lips and can see all the expletives that he screaming out throughout the game.  He can’t control rookie mistakes but he could control other things that happen on the court and he does a bad job coaching so far.  He does not have a Derrick Rose out there who can take over the game.  He just has Eric Gordon who is going lights out so far in his play (still needs his range back) and Blake Griffin who gets more double team than a porn actress who specializes in DP.

The only Clipper who makes me angry besides Brian Cook is Ryan Gomes, the big free agent signing of the summer.  At least Randy Foye is doing the team a favor by staying injured, even though he’s coming back soon.  But Ryan Gomes disappoints me on so many different levels.  He does not shoot when open, and he shoots when he shouldn’t shoot.  And he bricks a lot of shots he does make and is just not a good basketball player for the Clippers.  His defense also makes me angry.  Gomes is the type of player who helps too much on double teams but that leaves a player open and that player usually has a career game.  Michael Beasley looked like an all star playing against Gomes.  It was embarrassing.

So far the season is full of sighs but at least Mike Dunleavy isn’t the coach.  Now if only the current coach wasn’t such a rookie like the team, things will be going better.  More development, more wins, less frustration please!

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