Thursday 10-14-10 Clippers 95 Vs. Nuggets 100 (Preseason)

Watching the game right now, thought I should add in some live notes.

First Half Notes

  • Blake Griffin continue to impress during first quarter, made all his free throws and being a ridiculous hustler.
  • Carmelo Anthony is a great player, but I’m still unsure on how I feel on him in the Clippers.
  • It feels great listening to Ralph and Mike again (Milph as they are called in clipsnation)
  • Eric Bledsoe enters at 7 minute mark in second quarter for the first time.
  • Aminu leaves around the same time, was not that productive during his short minutes on the court.
  • George Karl looks tired.
  • Kaman has 12 points at 6 minute mark of 2nd quarter.
  • Great assist by Bledsoe to Eric Gordon.
  • 3 by Gordon!
  • Followed by airball by Blake.
  • Bledsoe is a turnover machine, he needs to learn how to control the ball.  I wonder if Derrick Rose or Russel Westbrook had this problem their rookie year.
  • Loving Kaman’s hunter’s beard, he rocks it very well.
  • Very exciting first half, Clippers down 55-57.  Kaman leading game with 19 points.

3rd Quarter

  • Took a longer halftime break than I thought, (In N Out run) Came back at 6:12 mark of 3rd quarter, Clippers down 61-70
  • Blake Griffin is 7-7 from free throw line
  • Eric Gordon missed an explosive highlight reel dunk, that would’ve been a sick play.
  • Kaman is stuck on 20 points, I don’t see him passing the elusive 30 point mark any time soon.
  • Blake Griffin pretty cold right now.  Clippers only made 6 points all quarter.
  • Clippers are 2/14 on field goals this quarter.
  • Shots are finally going in!  Griffin giving the Clippers life.
  • Brian Cook just sucked the life that just came up.
  • Nuggets last 12 points were from free throw lines, wow
  • I love Ralph Lawler’s stories.  He just told one about Charles Smith and the 3 point line rule
  • 3rd quarter ends Clippers down 73-84

4th Quarter

  • Clippers opening up this quarter with a zone.  It doesn’t look that effective right now with 2 fouls committed already by Butler and Cook.
  • 3rd foul in less than 2 minutes of the quarter, this time by the Nuggets.
  • Melvin Ely fouled out, 1 point in 17 minutes.
  • Highlight alley oop dunk by Blake Griffin from Baron Davis!
  • Griffin takes a charge, got hit hard.  Ruthless.
  • Lead got cut down to single digits.  Blake Griffin performing the resurrection dance for the Clippers right now.
  • Another dunk by Griffin, assist by Baron Davis!
  • Sick block by Baron Davis!  So much for being out of shaped, he just showed some hops there.
  • Eric Gordon lead a fastbreak but JR Smith fouled him hard on the way to the rim.
  • The lead is cut down to 5.
  • Loving the intensity right now, might start hyperventilating at how great this comeback is.
  • Looseball fouls being called everywhere.  This is where international game is different, players actually get to play.
  • Clippers are on a 11-2 run since the quarter started.
  • 22-5 run by Clippers, game tied at 86.
  • Big block by Baron Davis on Ty Lawson!
  • Melo getting booed huge.  I wonder what the average Clippers fan thinks of him.
  • Bad call by the refs here.  Melo back to the line.
  • Monster dunk by Griffin again!
  • Loving Baron Davis’s intensity.  Looks ready to eat Melo up.
  • MVP chants for Blake, loving it right now.
  • Clippers need to grab some boards.  Kaman got a steal though, Baron with a nice fast break dunk.  Foul on Affalo and he makes 2.
  • 98-95 Clippers down, Clippers possession, 11 seconds left.  This is a clutch moment here.
  • Gordon wasn’t clutch, exciting 4th quarter though.

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  • Manny

    As a huge UCLA fan, I watched a lot of Russel Westbrook in his 2 seasons at UCLA. I think i might have watched all his games as a Bruin, but i cant remember for sure. That said, I see so many similarities between a young Westbrook and Eric Bledsoe that it’s alarming, in a good way. I remember Westbrook as a ridiculously fast, super strong and athletic yet always out of control player. That is probably the exact same way i would describe Bledsoe right now. both played off the ball in college and both will play point guard in the NBA, but Westbrook unlike Bledsoe, did not have a star caliber point guard ahead of him on the team. Westbrook got a chance to play immediately and rush his development. Bledsoe will play behind Baron and maybe take longer than Westbrook to develop into an elite point guard, but i have no doubt he will. I didn’t get a chance to see too much Bledsoe in college, but rumor was that he had a decent shot. if that turns out to be true, then, and i know this is a stretch, he could possibly be better than all these young point guards (Rose, Westbrook, Rondo) who cant shoot worth a lick!

    • petervan

      I actually think playing behind Baron Davis may help Bledsoe’s development more. Baron Davis is an elite passer with lots of experience and skills. His mentoring could pay off more than having Bledsoe taking the reins early on and being rushed into battle immediately.

      And Scott Brooks was also a point guard back in the day and I’m sure he had a huge hand in Westbrook’s development. But think how different Westbrook’s game might be today if he had an elite point guard as a coach such as Scott Skiles (who still holds the record for most assists in a game with 30).