Break Up the Clippers!

Maybe it wasn’t the Kim Hughes Era we Clipper fans were waiting for but rather the Steve Blake Era?

The Clippers have won their past two games and have looked impressive in both victories. They beat a Kings team that they are, on paper, better than and also beat a Bobcat team that is battling for a playoff spot in the East.

Saturday’s victory over the Kings was cause for concern, as Baron Davis sat it out with a sore back. But he played well in Monday night’s victory, dishing out a game-high 13 assists and moving the offense along well.

The Clippers’ newly found depth  was the difference in both games, particularly the victory against the Bobcats, when the camera panned the bench at one point and showed Baron, Drew Gooden, Travis Outlaw, DeAndre Jordan, Bobby Brown and Craig Smith. That is a legit NBA bench, the first time this year the Clippers can lay claim to one.

Tonight’s game against the Pistons is shaping up to be one that the Clippers should make competitive as well. The Pistons are going to want to slow down the pace and play half-court basketball and the Clippers showed Monday night that they  can succeed in that type of game, as they scored exactly ZERO points on the fast break against the Bobcats.

Tip-off is 7:30 tonight at the Staples Center.

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  • Nishant S.

    Which franchise is more unlucky… Warriors or the Clippers?

  • Ryan Kelling

    Unlucky might be a forgiving way to sum up both franchises’ recent mis-fortunes. But I’d say the Clippers have been more unlucky AND may have even led to their own demise more than the Warriors. Both have problems of their own doing, but the Blake Griffin injury adds to the Clippers’ list of bad breaks (no pun intended).

  • Nishant S.

    It seems like both franchises are going through the motions of drafts, trades and free agent signings to give their fans temporary relief from agony. It reminds me of a drug company willing to give a treatment instead of a cure.

    C’mon Clips… Find the cure!