Thanks For Stopping By

Hi, I’m Ryan, the new Lead Blogger here at – I enjoy long walks on the beach, open-faced peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and John Cougar Mellencamp’s early stuff.

Seriously though, I’m a long-time NBA fan who has recently come to adopt the Clips as my “other” home team. I look forward to sharing our thoughts on what their season will bring here at

To tip things off, I’m going to record my thoughts as I watch the game versus the Nuggets on TNT tonight.

Drop a comment if there’s ever anything that catches your eye or if there’s something out there that you’d like to see covered.

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  • Corey M

    Looking forward to following the blog.

  • Zach

    Welcome to the FanSided fam!

  • Nishant S.

    Can’t wait to read your views on the Clippers!

  • greenbanner18

    Clips are in a close one early with the Nuggets. They have been playing good ball lately. Welcome!

  • Zach

    Welcome to the network!

  • Short White Boy (SWB)

    Good luck taking over the site! I miss my little Clips and still watch ‘em, but I had to stay true to my hometown when push came to shove.