Clippers vs. Nuggets at the Pepsi Center

Wow,  just over a minute into the second half and the Clippers have to take a desperation timeout. Melo has to love his matchup.

And finally, what I’ve been waiting for most of the night, the T-Mobile halftime show. Best studio show in all of sports, no one is more candid. After spending some time talking about the first game of the night, the All-Star reserves and who the 4 top rebounders in the NBA are, they have to finally talk about the game, right? Right?

Doug Collins thinks Chris Kaman should be an All-Star and I agree. He’s had a great first half and is deserving. In the first half of this game, he’s got 12 points on 6-of-10 shooting and has pulled down 4 boards.

Wow, that was a lot of sloppy basketball. Both teams are showing the fatigue Doug Collins keeps stressing, obviously both are tired from having played last night. While this has allowed the undermanned Clippers to keep it close so far, I think the Nuggets will pull away due to their deeper bench.

Great shot, Rasual. Gotta love the random three when your teammates are slow getting back. Great shot. J.R. Smith liked it best.

Dunleavy extreme close up. Again. On the foul trouble the bigs have gotten into, he says, “I like what we did..I didn’t like some of the calls.” It’s early for that attitude.

After the first quarter, it’s tied up at 24 all. I don’t see this ending well in the Clippers’ favor with the short bench that the absence of Gordon and Sebastian Telfair has caused. Their offense isn’t imaginative enough to get Baron free and they don’t have people to match up defenisvely.

Carmelo Anthony on Thornton is going to continue to be a huge mismatch in the Nuggets’ favor. Carmelo versus most anyone is a mismatch, but Thornton doesn’t have the footwork to stay on him defensively. Two fouls already with more to come.

The Birdman just checked in for the Nuggets, Rasual Butler for the Clips. I went to a couple of games at the Pepsi Center last year, the only time the place wakes up is when Birdman is in or when Carmelo gets a breakaway. But once they wake up, it’s a good crowd.

Hmm…TNT is having some major technical difficulties tonight. Just got back to the game after some painful used car commercials and the first shot back was an extreme close-up of Mike Dunleavy. I’d rather have technical difficulties than endure any more close ups of him.

With Gordon out, I have a feeling we’re going to see a LOT of Baron Davis looking for isolation or just firing away whenever the mood strikes.

Oops, Gordon is out with a yet-to-be disclosed injury, so Ricky Davis will take his place in the starting liuneup.

Alright, we’re waiting for the Lakers/Cavs game to end before TNT switches over to the Pepsi Center.

Starting lineups were announced, no surprises for either side.

Denver: Billups, Afflalo, Anthony, Martin, Nene

Clippers: Davis, Gordon, Thornton, Camby, Kaman

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