Elton Brand Whines Like A Baby

The last few weeks the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers have lost so many games that even the Nets turned and went, “Damn, that’s pathetic.”  Yes, they lost their young up-and-coming point guard, Lou Williams, as well as solid contributor, Maarreesseee Speights, to injury.  To help with those losses they re-acquired their former franchise player, Allen Iverson, The Answer.  Still they lost the next two games even with him.

However, finally, after twelve straight losses, Iverson helped the team win in his third game back.  Earlier in the year, when the Nets finally ended their 73 game losing streak, they justifiably celebrated.  The Sixers?  Most were happy, except for ex-Clipper, current punk, Elton Brand.  According to  ESPN he

just can’t believe he’s considered a bench player early in the second year of an $80 million, five-year deal.

“When you look around at other teams, yeah,” Brand said. “It’s like, no disrespect, but [Golden State's] Mikki Moore gets the start and I don’t. Not that he’s not a good player, but, definitely.”

The sad thing is that it’s quite possible that Brand only came off the bench because the game was against the Warriors who play small.  Moore was actually their center, while the starting power forward (who Brand would’ve had to cover) was actually a small forward (Vlad Radmonivic) who runs around on the perimeter and shoots threes.  In other words, not the type of person who Brand would be great at covering.  So maybe it was just meant to be a one-game thing, but me, after hearing Brand’s comments, if I was coach I’d keep the l’il whiner on the bench until he realizes that team success is the most important thing.

Or at least not losing 13 in a row.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com greenbanner18

    Haha- yeah Elton Brand isn’t exactly a guy the opposition has to worry about anymore.

  • http://pacmanjonesin.com Drew

    He was right about Mikki Moore though, SWB

    “Our” Clips are showing some signs of life. Wish someone other than Dunleavy was coaching the team though…

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  • http://fullyclips.com Short White Boy

    Of course Moore sucks, but the old Brand would’ve been too classy to say anything like that (I mean Mikki ain’t even on his team). Or to complain after the team finally ended an awful losing streak. Or rather we falsely THOUGHT he was too classy to do it. That was what really stung about Brand’s departure. We felt he was one of the few, the only, stand-up guys in the league. So to learn that he’s as me-first and willing to stab others in the back, well, that’s what killed.