Clippers Waive Mark Madsen

The Clips waived Mark Madsen today.     Steve Perrin of Clips Nation has a good analysis:

It’s worth repeating the value that Mark Madsen had on the roster. His $2.8M expiring contract was a nice trade chip for deals with teams looking to clear 2010 cap space. Now, I’ve been cognizant for awhile that the Clippers actually have more 2010 expriing deals than they could possibly use – Ricky, Camby, Smith, Collins and now Butler all fall into that category. So they don’t lose much by not having Madsen’s contract on that list. What the lose is a body that they didn’t really need (obviously). So the idea of parlaying Madsen and Ricky Davis into a good player making $6M per was pretty attractive – and that’s the one thing the Clippers lose here (in addition to the ‘locker room guy’ thing.

More importantly, this signals that the team has designs for the roster spot, above and beyond Steve Novak. It likely means that Novak will eventually sign with the team, but it also means that they have an available spot if GMMDsr is to stick to his usual MO of starting the season with 14 players under contract. Does this mean an offer sheet to Ramon Sessions is eminent? Or do they have someone else on the radar? Stay tuned.

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t a buy-out (meaning Madsen didn’t agree to take less $ in return for the Clips releasing him — players like Ben Wallace do that so they can sign elsewhere).  Thus this doesn’t save the Clippers money or go off their salary cap.  The main reason to do this, as Perrin notes, would seem to be to open up another roster spot.  I find that confusing ‘cuz the Clippers only had 13 players on their roster before, and now they have 12.  So even if they re-sign Novak & add Sessions, they’d still only be at 14 players.  Granted Dunleavy likes the roster at 14, but if you’ve gotta pay Mad Dog anyway, why not keep him on & go up to 15?  If another player comes along during the season who Dun would like in that 15th spot, well then he could waive Madsen then.

  • Drew

    I was surprised that the Clips let Mad Dog go so soon…particularly since they are paying him anyway. I also agree with Perrin that he’s a good locker room guy (on a team with several bad/questionable ones) and could have been a valuable trade chip down the road.

    Dunleavy has had a good off-season though so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt to see what else he has up his sleeve.

  • Short White Boy

    Drew, as I’ve said before, I think Dunleavy has done a decent job as GM (not just this off-season either) but an awful job as coach. However he’s been so gosh darn excremental as coach that I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to trust him enough to “give him the benefit of the doubt” again. That being said, yeah, Mad Dog’s a good locker room guy, but let’s be honest, losing him might not make one bit o’ difference on how the team plays this year. I like the guy and would’ve liked to see him cheering on the bench, but I’m more confused by him being waived rather than thinking it was a dumb/bad move (the way I felt about Mike Taylor being waived — particularly since now the talk is of The Clips maybe trying to get a third string PG)

  • Drew


    I’m with you on Taylor. I really liked his game…and potential. It sure is a head scratcher. Because of Houston’s injury woes I think the Clippers actually have a decent chance of sneaking into the playoffs as the 8th seed. I just wish there was a different coach on the sidelines. Maybe Dunleavy has finally figured out that the team needs to run more with Baron. We’ll see…

  • Short White Boy


    Dunleavy has publicly said his plan is to let the team run a bit more this season. He’s even having players meet a certain fitness level with some funky sprinting test during training camp, so it seems like he truly is heading that way. That said, I’ll believe it when I see it happen for a full season.

    And I’m with you, I do think the Clips have a shot at the playoffs. But I also think the Suns will make a strong run now that they’re back to their run’n’gun ways and A’m’a’re should theoretically be back to form.

  • Drew

    Is that how Stoudemire is spelling his name this week? :)

    It’s the “bit more” part that scares me about Dunleavy. After a couple setbacks, he’ll probably go back to calling plays on 90% of the possessions…and then the losses will really continue to pile up. I hope I’m wrong…

  • Short White Boy

    Do you mean St’oud’e’mi’re? If so, then no, as of today he apparently now just spells his name as ”””e. And the e is silent.

    And yeah, the “bit more” scares me too. It’s no coincidence that today the Clips were on both the “most likely to succeed” list and “most likely to implode” list.