Shaq’s A Hack: Stole Reality TV Show From Steve Nash

The Arizona Republic reports today that when Shaq first joined the Suns, Steve Nash told him he was developing a reality tv show where Nash would compete against other professional athletes.  At the start of the next bball season Shaq tells the team that he’s signed to do a reality show which is Nash’s EXACT idea.  Nash was obviously upset, but being the cool cucumber he is, he hasn’t commented on it publicly.  That doesn’t mean he let Shaq walk all over him.  If you look at the credits of Shaq’s new show, you’ll see that he had to add another person to the list of producers.  Who?  Steve Nash.

The article implies this set a poor tone for the whole season and that this might be part of the reason Shaq was shipped out.  It’s a good read, check it out.

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  • Tung

    YES. Shaq is a douche.
    And hey, I can tweet that because it’s <160 characters.


    • Short White Boy

      Yeah, I haven’t been a big fan of Shaq starting back from his days in LA when he would purposely wait to have surgery until right before the season started so that he could miss the beginning of the season. But this… Sheesh.

  • Tung

    Did you ever hear about Shaq getting breast reduction surgery? Seriously. Look at Orlando days and post 2001 Shaq…

  • Short White Boy

    Yeah, Tung, Shaq back in the day with Orlando or at LSU, he was built more like Dwight Howard then. Now Shaq’s so big, he looks like he ate his old self. Twice. And then had a fifty-foot fried twinkie for dessert.