Q Richardson Traded Again???

Now this is just silly. Minnesota, who now doesn’t have a single shooting guard, trade away their only one in Quentin Richardson. For those of you keeping count, yes, that is FOUR times in like two months. That’s gotta be a record. Particularly since he never even had a chance to play on any of those teams since it’s the off-season. I understand why Miami acquired him for Mark Blount. Well, first, Blount sucks. But they also have a bunch of big men. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, Wade and Q work out together during the summer in Chicago and are good buds. Since Wade can vamanos at the end of this season, it makes sense to try to keep him as happy as possible by bringing in a good friend (since it’s much harder to bring in the quality player to help that Wade really wants). In fact, we saw a similar thing in Toronto where they brought in Chris Bosh’s good friend, PG Jarret Jack.

But the T-Wolves??? The only reason I can think is that they must’ve thought it’d be pretty darn funny for Q to be traded again. Okay, yes, Minnesota will save $1.4 million, but they have NO FRICKIN’ SHOOTING GUARDS now!!! New Twolves GM David Kahn after drafting 3 PGs this year, said he thought the first two, Ricky Rubio & Jonny Flynn could play together. Recent coach hire Kurt Rambis however said that he couldn’t see them both starting together and probably wouldn’t play them at the same time for at most 12 minutes. Sure, Rubio likely won’t even come over, but could Kahn possibly have made the trade so that Rambis would have no choice but to play the two together? The Twolves now have 5 PGs (in addition to those two there’s fellow rookie Wayne Ellington plus ole’ man Chucky Atkins and Bobby Brown – no, not the singer). Then they have 8 guys who can play Center or Power Forward (Ryan Gomes mostly plays PF right? Or did he finally play some SF last year?). That leaves 2 Small Forwards, and most likely one of them will end up being the starting SG (although if I was Rambis I wouldn’t say that in public or Kahn’s likely to trade away all 3 of ‘em for more PGs & big men). And maybe Gomes will move to that 3-spot since he’s improved his outside shot (but can he defensively keep up with the Paul Pierces, Carmelo Anthonys, & LeBrons?). The two SFs are Corey Brewer (who’s yet to show anything and seems unlikely to amount to much at this point), Damien Wilkins (a serviceable back-up who’s most useful as someone to regale you with stories about uncle Dominique). Clearly that swing-position is the weakest, so it makes no sense to trade Q for an awful center (particularly after just signing Ryan Hollins as a backup for big Al at center).

The good thing at least is that Q (who yes, I’ve always enjoyed from his early days as a Clip banging his head with Darius) must be thrilled. Rather than being stuck in Minnesota or Memphis on awful teams, he gets to play on a team in beautiful Miami with a friend and a legit shot at his team getting the 4th seed in the East. Even a return to beautiful LA and his original Clips wouldn’t have definitely resulted in a playoff berth (although, fingers crossed, I think we’ve got a great shot).

So congrats to Q. Hope the wheel stops turning for you now.

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