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From Blake Griffin Selected to Attend Team USA Mini Camp – Clips Nation:

In further evidence of Blake Griffin’s position in this particular NBA draft, he was the only non-NBA player among the 25 selected to attend USA Basketball’s July Mini camp in Las Vegas.

It’s an honor for Griffin to be selected. Meanwhile, you have to wonder what USA Basketball is thinking by NOT including Eric Gordon on their list. Of the 25 players invited, seven just completed their rookie season in the league. Eric Gordon finished fifth in Rookie of the Year voting.

In Kevin Arnovitz reports that Philly’s looking to get rid of Elton Brand’s huge contract and asks this interesting question:

Here’s a tough one for you (and one that’s purely intended as a hypothetical exercise): Would you rather have Brand with four years and $65M remaining, or Zach Randolph with two years and $33.3M? When you factor in character, which is the more odious contract?

He also has a video segment of Dunleavy being interviewed from before the draft. The only thing that I find interesting about it is this one bit:

Dunleavy anticipates that the 2009-10 team will run more.

If it’s true I will be a very happy man. Unfortunately the question also seemed to be asking if Dunleavy would loosen up his control a bit (which I think is vital because BDiddy needs room to be himself). Dunleavy was very careful to avoid actually answering that part, which lends me to believe that the O will be just as overly regimented as last year.

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