The Draft: Heartbreak or Heart-Blake?

On Saturday, to drum up excitement the Clips had an open work-out for Blake Griffin inviting in the media, blog-writers (fer some reason I didn’t get no invite — could it be ‘cuz I only started the blog later that night? Nah, I think it’s Anti-Short-White-Boy-ism), and season ticket holders (including actor Matthew Lillard from Scream #1, aka the original, and them Scooby-Doo movies. Maybe Lillard himself, at 6′3″, could be a good backup PG for Mike Taylor after Baron Davis goes down with an injury?).

Griffin apparently looked like a monster mostly going up against… no one. His mid-range shot was a bit off that day, but Blake, more focused on improving his game than many current NBA players are, said he’s already been working on his jumper regularly. This is a dude who wants to be great. Dunleavy said Blake’s competitiveness is what truly makes him great, which unfortunately couldn’t be seen at the workout ‘cuz Griffin realized early on that he could easily beat his imaginary opponent. Word is that cross-gym rival, the Lakers, suddenly became extremely interested in Griffin after hearing he could switch off his competitiveness and play down to his opponents. Laker PF Lamar Odom was quoted as saying, “I don’t mind another PF, ‘cuz some days I don’t show up, some days Pau don’t show up, and what about the days when neither of us shows? Plus, we no longer have that guy Bynum on the team. –What? He still plays for us? My bad.”

Okay, maybe that Laker stuff is made up. And truth be told, from all accounts Griffin seems to be the anti-embodiment of the Lakers’ bigs, with his drive being much closer to the Mamba himself. …Sorry, my mind’s in LakerLand with their 3rd game about to start in a couple hours.

Bottom line: Blake is a gamer. Besides his skillzzzz, his drive could possibly even help the Clips more. I mean after all, the 08-09 Clips were lost after they implemented that mid-season rule that only 2 Clips could care about the game at any given moment.

One last thing that’s impressive about the kid: he doesn’t eat red meat. Don’t get me wrong, I love me my red meat and I like it bloody rare and still half alive. However, for a kid from Oklahoma to not eat red meat…? Clearly he’s smart enough to already treat his body like the temple it should be and makes eating healthily a priority. Most rooks come in and with the buttloads of $ they make, all they can think is, “I can eat as much KFC as I want for the rest of my life!”

Oh, and wanna know where Dunleavy in his normal thinking-two-steps-behind-or-not- thinking-at-all-or-making-decisions-as-if-every-day-is-backwards-day took the kid to eat? Yup, a steakhouse.

Please, Mike, don’t break our hearts one more time by screwing up this unscrewable pick.

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  • Short White Boy

    Thanks for linking to me.

  • Just Blog Baby

    This seems like a no-brainer. Blake Griffin + Baron Davis = you tube clips galore. But I’m afraid that Dunleavy is skilled enough to screw this up even. What happened to Dunleavy? He was once one of the more respected minds in basketball and now he just looks lost. My man needs to give up the GM job plain and simple and dumb down his system a little. Let his team off the leash every once and a while.

    In all honesty though, Blake is the real deal both on and off the court. A hard worker with some crazy athletic skills and a nasty mean streak.

    Only way this could get screwed is if Donald Sterling decides he’d like to own some property in Spain and goes after Rubio instead…

  • Short White Boy

    Just Blog Baby, I actually would sooner have Dunleavy be GM than coach. As GM, he convinced Baron to come to LA, made good draft picks with Eric Gordon & DeAndre Jordan, apparently was negotiating well with Brand before the Clippers(aka, Sterling) decided to try to low-ball Elton, and I think the Camby trade was a nice way to try to replace EB. However, as a coach he seems to be stuck on his big playbook and how he thinks the game should be played. This team has to run a bit. I mean a fast break with BoomDizzle, Gordon, Thornton, Griffin & Camby…? No team could keep up with them.

  • Just Blog Baby


    I feel you and you have me changing my tune.

    Dunleavy did do well in drafting Gordon and Jordan. The move I question is the Z-Bo trade, but given the injuries I can understand why he needed front court help.

    I just hope Dunleavy lets these guys just ball in 2010. There is enough skill that playing 1-on-1 with as mismatch is going to be all you need to get at least double the win total in 08-09.

    Great comment! Can’t aruge the logic there.